We commit to your skincare through the best dermatology treatments.

Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for all skin ailments and diseases

The department of Dermatology at Manvi Hospitals provides comprehensive treatment for all skin diseases at affordable costs. We are committed to the highest level of personalized patient care by addressing the patient’s dermatological needs and offering them the best treatments with modern equipment. Our well-experienced team of dermatologists caters to people of all ages with ease.

Manvi Hospitals offers advanced dermatological care with modern technology in a soothing and pleasant environment in Vijayawada. We educate our patients on various dermatological diseases for a healthy lifestyle.

Our dermatology services:

Our dermatologists offer treatments such as clinical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, aesthetic dermatology, pediatric dermatology, dermatosurgery, geriatric dermatology, acne/pimples treatment, sun spots, age spots and other pigmented lesions, anti-aging treatment, pulse treatment, stretch marks treatment, leucoderma treatment, wart removal, melasma treatment, medical vitiligo treatment, dandruff treatment, hyperpigmentation treatment, nail diseases treatment, eczema treatment, skin rash treatment, tinea versicolor treatment, hair diseases, atopic dermatitis treatment, etc.

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Dr K Suma Bindu

MD, DVL, FAM (Germany)
Dermatoligist & Cosmetologist