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Critical care is the medical care of people who have life-threatening injuries such as accidents and illness. It usually takes place in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with specialized treatments and 24-hour supervision. This includes using advanced machinery to consistently monitor patients’ vital signs and act accordingly.

The department of critical care medicine at Manvi Hospitals, Vijayawada, aims to provide comprehensive care for even the most complex cases at affordable costs. We have the best doctors in the city to take care of your emergency needs and provide immediate medical facilities. Our trained and certified team of nurses will provide the utmost care with empathy and ensure you rejuvenate immediately. 

The intensive care unit has specially trained staff, including doctors, surgeons, assistants, specialists, dieticians, and nurse practitioners. Our surgeons have extensive experience in handling critical clinical conditions of all age groups with the highest success rate.

Lists of treatments are offered at the Manvi Hospitals. They are mentioned below:

A number of treatments are performed, some of which are listed below:

  • A serious accident
  • Severe head injury
  • Severe third-degree burns
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Sepsis
  • Pneumonia
The Department of Critical Care at Gleneagles Global Hospitals offer advanced care to critically ill-patients. These could be patients in severe trauma caused by accidents, injury or a stroke. In some cases patients having undergone major surgical procedures also require critical care. Critical care also extends to patients in emergency transit from remote locations. The department is one of the most advanced facilities offering round-the-clock monitoring and emergency medical care. Doctors and other staff of the department frequently audit response mechanism to stay abreast of all emergencies. The Department of Critical Care at Gleneagles Global Hospitals caters to the following conditions.
  • Amniotic fluid embolism
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Heart Attack
  • Hypoglycemia

Searching for the best critical and accident care hospital in Nakkalroad, Vijayawada? Manvi Hospitals is here to serve you round the clock.

Dr P Vijay Sankar

Anesthesiologist &
Intensive Care Physician