Comprehensive Brain & Spine Neurosurgery services offered by the Best Neurosurgeon in Vijayawada

We have the best solution for every ailment of the brain and spine

Manvi Hospitals has expertise in providing the best treatment for both operative and non-operative disorders that could affect the central and peripheral nervous systems and offers the best treatment for brain and spine problems. Our Neurosurgery services are powered by advanced equipment to perform stereotactic radiosurgery for the Brain.

At Manvi Hospitals Vijayawada, our NeuroScience department provides the highest level of expertise through an integrated team of neurologists and neurosurgeons. Round the clock, we ensure delivering the best-personalized patient care.

Being a dedicated neurology and neurosurgery hospital in Vijayawada, Manvi is renowned for providing specialized care in stroke, epilepsy, head, and spinal injuries, brain tumors, attack disorders, and movement disorders.

Brain Surgeries:

These are the common Brain diseases that we treat here at Manvi Hospitals

  • Brain Tumours :

Malignant brain lesions can be treated with surgery using neuronavigation for precise localization and  neurophysiological monitoring for better functional outcomes. This is followed by postoperative chemotherapy and radiotherapy for extended progression-free survival, offered within the same campus. Benign lesions can be easily treated by achieving complete resection.

  • Skull base tumors :

Complex skull base lesions can be treated by Endoscopic skull base and Keyhole micro-neurosurgeries approach with minimal scarring.

  • Posterior fossa tumors :

Medulloblastomas, ependymomas and fourth ventricular lesions can be treated with a multidisciplinary approach.

  • CP angle lesions :

Cranial nerve monitoring helps to achieve complete resections without causing permanent neurological deficits. Extremely painful conditions like Trigeminal neuralgias are treated with safe and effective microvascular decompression.

  • Intraventricular tumors :

Colloid cysts, Choroid plexus tumors, and Third ventricular tumors can be excised with the assistance of minimally invasive neuroendoscopy.

  • Vascular lesions :

Complex intracranial aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations can be treated with tailored treatment plans for individual patients.

  • Pediatric Brain Disorders :

Congenital hydrocephalus, Macrocephaly, Craniosynostosis, Encephaloceles, Chari malformations are treated with perioperative support from pediatricians.

  • Paediatric Neurosurgery :

Addresses special surgical problems of children involving the brain, spine or peripheral nerves

  • Traumatic Brain Injury :

Our round-the-clock available emergency and intensive care services will tackle acute traumatic brain injuries according to evidence-based protocols & ICP measurements.

  • Functional Neurosurgery :

Functional brain diseases like Parkinson’s disease, movement disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, complex migraine, etc. can be treated with deep brain stimulation using cranial robotics and navigation

  • Epilepsy Surgery :

Safe surgical treatment of many pediatric and adult drug-refractory epilepsies like Focal cortical dysplasia, Mesial temporal sclerosis, Rasmussen encephalitis, Hypothalamic hamartomas are done using intraoperative navigation and cortical EEG. Vagal nerve stimulations are also offered.

  • Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery :

Keyhole surgery is the concept of safely removing brain & skull base tumors through small, precise openings that leave a barely visible scar postoperatively. Our goals are to maximize tumor removal while avoiding complications, promoting a more rapid, complete and less painful recovery.

  • Awake Craniotomy :

Surgery is performed, keeping the patient conscious in order to preserve important functions like speech, motor and higher cognitive functions. The patient participates actively during surgery, while feeling absolutely no pain.

Spine Surgeries:

  • Complex Craniovertebral junction anomalies :

Congenital, traumatic, and infective/Inflammatory craniovertebral junctions anomalies causing upper or lower limb weakness, can be treated with transoral surgery or surgery through posterior approaches

  • Degenerative Spine conditions :

Many elderly and working adults suffer from degenerative cervical and lumbar disc diseases which can be managed conservatively with the assistance of well-trained physiotherapists who help in teaching neck exercises and back strengthening exercises. Chronic cases can be treated by minimally invasive spine surgeries with the assistance of O-arm navigation. We have dedicated our pain clinic services to manage chronic pain conditions.

  • Spinal tumors :

Spinal cord tumors can be excised safely with the help of neuromonitoring and neuronavigation.

  • Spinal Vascular Malformations :

Spinal AV fistulas and vascular malformations can be treated with endovascular embolization or surgical excision of the vascular lesions.

  • Spinal malformations in children :

Developmental anomalies in babies can be managed with early corrective surgery so that lower limb weakness can be avoided.

  • Peripheral nerve surgeries :

Brachial plexus injuries can be managed by novel techniques such as nerve transfer surgeries. Intractable pain following brachial plexus injury and spasticity can be managed with surgeries such as DREZotomy. Spinal cord stimulation can be done for failed back surgery syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, and painful peripheral neuropathies.

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Dr BalaBalaji Vosuri

MS, Mch (Neurosurgery) SVIMS, FICS (JAPAN).
Consultant Neurosurgeon.
Managing Director of MANVI HOSPITALS